• Calle Polillo, 4 - 45860 Villacañas (Toledo)
  • +34 925 20 08 78
  • Organic vineyards,

    healthy products.

  • This is our phisolofy of life,

    respecting nature.

  • Tradition, history and modernity,

    a perfect combination.

CAMINO ALTO WINERY was born with a very ambitious purpose: the production, elaboration y commercialization of wines using only organically produced grapes from our own vineyards.

The tenacity and tremendous work of our elaborators, and the desire to create the best possible wine, has motivated us to continue pursuing this dream: The elaboration of outstanding organic wines, marking a clear differential in the saturated worldwide wine market. This is our philosophy of life, respecting nature but at the same time offering a business model that responds to the ever increasing demands and select lifestyles of today.

In CAMINO ALTO WINERY we are working continually to offer an excellent relationship and fine tuned communication to all those who confide in our project and the quality of our organic wines.

Sophisticated modernity with an artisanal touch.

The winery is equipped with the most modern installations where we have intertwined tradition, history and technology in search of the maximum quality in all our products.

Our objective is to consolidate this market, while staying attuned to new possibilities and customers wherever they might be. We also are developing a new program of wine tourism and other programs all related to the world of wine. This formation and gastronomy in our area is mainly pursued to contribute to the social and economic independence of our towns.

From CAMINO ALTO WINERY, we hope that when you try our wines, that you will be able to appreciate all of the traditional workmanship, pride and love we have for our native land.